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Merrillstone was first conceived in 2011.  It began as a division of G.S. Harris Co., Inc., a leader in the manufactured stone business for more than 50 years.  Manufacturing Harristone stone veneer, G. S. Harris Co., Inc., is well known throughout the western United States, growing into a viable and self-sustaining company.  Merrillstone will continue this legacy with its Thin Veneer product line of beautiful, natural stone veneer.  Let Merrillstone products turn your house into a home, and your commercial project into a work of art.



Merrillstone offers simplicity and natural beauty for homes, and commercial projects.  We guarantee our unique product will offer the timelessness of natural stone at a fraction of the cost through the inventive use of “thin veneer”. Merrillstone professionalizes in cutting Thin Veneer.  This Thin Veneer is approximately 1” thick with corresponding corners that give a full stone look without the added cost or weight.  Thin Veneer provides the beauty of natural stone without compromising the structural integrity of your home or building. Merrillstone is unique to other products offered because of this use of 100% natural stone. Merrillstone’s Thin Veneer product is a perfect solution for any residential and commercial project. 



Our goal here at Merrillstone is customer satisfaction. We strive to make our customer’s friends, and our friend’s customers. We do this because we believe in our products. We meet our customer’s expectations through timely and accurate order processing, and consistency in our deliveries. We offer support to our customers with helpful hints, design assistance, and installation references. The end result helps you feel capable and secure in knowing you have a fantastic, and beautiful product. We understand the process of renovation and commercial building can be a stressful time, that’s why Merrillstone’s customer satisfaction is our top priority. We invite you to browse all of our products, and view the true beauty of natural stone that Merrillstone has to offer. Experience why we believe Merrillstone is your #1 solution.


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